Red Bird of Paradise, Caesalpinia pulcherrima

The botanical name for Red Bird of Paradise is Caesalpinia pulcherrima, it is a species in the FABACEAE Family, more commonly known as the pea, bean or legume family. This is one of the easiest desert flowering plants to grow and take care of in the Phoenix, Tucson area; along with Texas and California.  It is deciduous (loses its leaves seasonally), but will bloom constantly through the summer. The Red Bird of ParadiseContinue reading “Red Bird of Paradise, Caesalpinia pulcherrima”

Salvia microphylla, Cherry Sage

Salvia microfila (scientific name: Salvia microphylla) is native to Mexico from the southern part of the United States, and semi cold-resistant herbs of the Labiatae family. As massage leaves scent like a cherry, it is also called Cherry Sage. There are Salvia greggii (S. greggii) in the closely related species, and Salvia jamensis in theContinue reading “Salvia microphylla, Cherry Sage”

Eremophila hygrophana Blue Bell

A small flowering shrub Eremophila hygrophana is from Western Australia and with its attractive mauve to purple flowers makes an excellent garden plant. We find that this is a relatively easy Eremophila to grow, we also think that with its attractive flowers and good grey green foliage it is one of the more desirable gardenContinue reading “Eremophila hygrophana Blue Bell”


Oleanders (Nerium oleander) are distinctive and beautiful, large, flowering shrubs that thrive with little care. They are very heat and drought-tolerant once established, and will grow especially well in seaside gardens, tolerating salt spray and wind. Oleanders generally grow best in the coastal areas of South Carolina. Most cultivars will be damaged or killed byContinue reading “Oleander”

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