Laundry day?

Well, well, well! Look what I caught!

From old time, people in Soviet Union used to take their carpets and rugs outside every winter. It was our traditional carpet cleaning. When I was just a little girls, we used to throw snowballs at each other, make snowmen, older people were busy with rubbing carpets with a snow and to tell the truth, it is helping! Carpets smelled fresh and were clean.

Tell me how you do it in comments below!

As for clothing, have never seen before, but I bet, it is quiet effective!

Rating: 1 out of 5.

Published by nadiiaphotography

Hello, everyone! My name is Nadiia, you probably noticed, I have another blog about healthy eating and sports, it is my passion) As for this blog, I just decided to share my photography. Do not judge, I am not a professional, I just trying to express myself and learn more.

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