My way to photography

Welcome to my Photography blog!

I will share with you me way to this beautiful art, which was long, but made me inspired each day more and more.

First, I want to mention, I did not have camera, like many people in this world, well…maybe. I was taking pictures with my phone, I always cared about quality and angle. Sometimes it did not work well, sometimes I was surprised by results.

When I went to college, I met lots of new people, since it was art place, we had many students from photo-video course, actors, clothes designers, make-up artists, painters, sculptors and so on, the art dragged me dipper into this world. I can say, I got obsessed by it`s beauty and secrets.

I was studying make-up for theatre and movies, but I always tried to find something else to do, I was inspired with sewing, creating Venice masks and of course, photography.

Past many years, I met a nice guy, I moved to US, I created some art-works, such as: paintings, sewing, my blog posts, sometimes poetry (you, probably, know my other blogs), some DIY for house and holidays. One day, we got a camera, that was a new start for my art…

To tell the truth, I take it everywhere, even if I go for 15 minute walk abound the house, I just cannot leave it at home. I am sure, some of you can understand this)

Rating: 1 out of 5.
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